“Fire Yourself and Hire God!”


How do we have victory and stay victorious in this life?

By staying in the mind of Christ.

By realizing that I’m powerless and I need to invite His power into my situation. 

I think about a 2 year old little boy who is outside with his daddy. He thinks he’s so strong and sees a heavy wheelbarrow his daddy is using to move rocks and wants to move the wheelbarrow.

Daddy sees him struggling with the wheelbarrow and asks him if he wants him to help him move it.

“No!” He says. “I can move it!”

Yet it’s too heavy if a load for him to handle, so daddy just waits there patiently and says to him, “When you’re ready to stop trying, I’ll come pick that up for you.”

How many times do we struggle and strive, like that little boy did, and try to move and change things and circumstances in our lives that we don’t like or understand when God’s just saying, Just put that down, let me come into that situation and do what only my strength can do in that situation.”

So I had to learn a phrase that has really helped remind me of this important truth.

You ready?

“Fire yourself and hire God!”


Yes, I tell myself this. Christy, you make a lousy caretaker of yourself. You were never meant to carry this load or figure this out. Give it to God and He will take care of you.

Our biggest strength is to know our weakness.

2 Corinthians 12:9 – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

“Fire yourself and hire God!” 🙂 (Am I being redundant? It’s because I have to be like this with myself because I easily forget!)

God can intervene in brokenness. When I get to the point where I realize I can’t do it anymore. Only He can.

If we want to have true success in life, it comes from trusting in Him.

Let God do what only He can do in your life, and trust that His ways are higher and He is the perfect caretaker for your life.

With Love,

Christy Lawson

One thought on ““Fire Yourself and Hire God!”

  1. Great post! So many of us struggle with allowing God the place of Lordship in our lives. I know for myself, it’s been a slow process. One memorable moment came when I was completely undone and at the end of myself. I remember looking at the heavens and saying, “God, I have absolutely nothing left.” Then I heard in my spirit, His gentle reply, “… Finally.”

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